Phone: 905-646-2397
Toll-Free: 1-866-521-0170

Welcome to Graceful Lines

The artist and proprietor of GRACEFUL LINES ARTS STUDIO is Grace Oettinger.
She is a full fledged greeting card artist selling her cards wholesale to gift shops.

GRACEFUL LINES acts as a vehicle for the following art offerings:

  • The promotion and marketing of the original art of Grace Oettinger, which includes portraits, homesteads, landscapes, seascapes, flowers, animals and other subject matter, including commissioned pieces and greeting cards
  • The promotion and marketing of the prints of Grace's work
  • Classes for children - a program that co-ordinates art activities with the elements of design
  • Classes in oil and/or watercolour painting for teenagers and adults
  • Watercolour workshops for small groups
  • Demonstrations of the art of watercolour painting for large groups
  • Inspirational speaker at Christian women's groups

Grace will also do workshops or demonstrations with the art of watercolour for women's organizations, such as church based women's groups. Grace is also available as an inspirational speaker.

Graceful Lines Art Studio, located in the Niagara region, Canada, may be reached at 905-646-2397